Liposuction Surgery Cost in India

India has become the medical tourism for international patients as it provides with the advanced medical facilities and high-quality medical services making it easy and comfortable.

We, at DocplusIndia, focus and place our supreme priority to fulfill your desire for an improved body shape and we offer you the Affordable Liposuction Surgery Cost in India.

With advanced medical surgery technique, the operation is performed in super hygienic conditions and is performed by our well-qualified and trained team of surgeons whose contribution to the world of cosmetic surgery is widely recognized.

The unwanted fat stored in isolated areas is safely removed with extreme care. The result of the operation is long-lasting. The Cost of Liposuction Surgery in India is very low compared to other developed countries.

International patients visit India for liposuction as they can get it done at an affordable cost without compromising on the quality and expertise. The Liposuction Surgery in India is available in cities like Bangalore & Hyderabad.

How much does the Liposuction Cost in India?

Docplusindia offers the cheapest & affordable cost for Liposuction in India. We have listed below some of the Best Hospitals for Liposuction Surgery in India . The Liposuction Surgery Cost in India starts from Rs. 80,000/- onwards. The cost of the surgery depends on the various factors such as:

  • Hospital:
    The hospital cost is based on the type of hospital chosen by the patient. The cost is relatively high in a private hospital than in a public hospital
  • Type of Surgery:
    The cost also depends on the type of technique used for the surgery. Different types of techniques require different machinery and tools and also levels of expertise. Certain techniques require the surgeon to be specialized in it
  • Targeted area:
    Based on the complexity of the involved area, the cost can vary accordingly. It also depends on the surgeons level of expertise in the area. The larger the area and its complexity, the more the price
  • Location:
    Western countries have comparatively higher costs than Indian countries for medical facilities. The other cost involved with respect to the location is the amount of distance the patient is required to travel to reach the hospital. For international patients, the cost might include the flight tickets and stay.
  • Using the equipment's of the surgery:
    High-end equipments and technology costs are higher than the traditional methods. However, they give faster and better results compared to traditional methods. Thus, saving a lot of time for the Surgeons as well as the patient.
  • Insurance:
    If the insurance company allows its members to avail cosmetic surgeries, then the amount for their liposuction surgery can be claimed by the patient from the insurance company they have chosen.
  • Doctors Fee:
    Based on the level of expertise and experience, the doctor’s fees can vary. Highly experienced doctors usually charge more but it guarantees that the patient is in safe hands and there is very little room for any kind of mistakes.

The overall Liposuction Surgery Cost in India varies from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 with a high success rate. The patient can also avail a Free Consultation with the Liposuction Surgeon.

Liposuction Cost in Bangalore:

We have some of the Best Liposuction Surgeon in Bangalore, India who provide liposuction surgery at an affordable cost. Dr. Girish A C is one of the leading Liposuction Surgeon in Bangalore and is also the founder of Curls & Curves Cosmetic Centre. The surgery costs can be customized according to the patient’s needs & budget.

Our surgeon conducts hundreds of liposuction surgeries every year, which helps us understand various needs of the patients regarding the cost. This is why our main focus it to provide Low Cost Liposuction Surgery in Bangalore, India. The cost for surgery is as mentioned below in the table

Surgery Name Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
Liposuction Surgery Rs. 80,000/- Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 1,20,000/-

The Liposuction Cost in Bangalore is very affordable when compared to the Western countries. We also provide a Free Consultation with a qualified surgeon prior to the surgery.

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Can Insurance be claimed for Liposuction Surgery in India?

Most of the health insurance plans do not cover liposuction costs because of its complications. Though many plastic & cosmetic surgeons offer patients with financing plans which is why it is advisable to ask the concerned surgeon regarding it.

If any insurance company allows its members to undergo cosmetic surgeries under their insurance cover, then the patient can claim the insurance cost for their liposuction surgery through the concerned company.

Is EMI available for the Liposuction Surgery in India?

Cosmetic surgeries can cost anywhere between thousands and lakhs of rupees. To overcome this, some hospitals provide patients with an Easy EMI option to help you undergo these surgeries without burning a hole in your pocket. The Easy EMI on Life-care facility provides the patient with an Easy EMI option.

Cosmetic Centres offer patients with easy EMI facility to make their surgery hassle-free as some of them cost a considerably high amount of money. Some of them even provide Zero percent interest rates for the EMI facility and for different types of surgeries.

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